Timing Belt Replacement in Los Angeles, CA

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Before the Engine Breaks Down

Often, the timing belt doesn’t come up until after it’s too late. While the maintenance intervals for the timing belt’s service and the timing belt replacement will vary, our technicians are always on time. The timing belt’s operation is vital to quality engine performance. There’s a number of key engine components that need to be in sync. Your timing belt has to keep them all on time and together. Our thorough inspections and engine diagnoses will identify your timing belt’s true condition. All of our services are meant to be preventative. We make sure you avoid an engine breakdown by taking care of your timing belt replacement needs early. Under our care, your vehicle’s engine will be stronger and more efficient. The timing belt replacement is key to protecting quality engine performance. Good “timing” is key to your vehicle’s quality timing belt services. Waiting too long can lead to a complete engine shut down. The sooner you let 26th Street Auto Center in Los Angeles have a look, the sooner you’ll know your timing belt’s true condition. Give us a call today at (310) 746-4737 to schedule your timing belt replacement.

Heed the Warning Signs–5 Common Timing Belt Issues

The timing belt has teeth that keep it secure and aligned with pulleys. There are five common warning signs that vehicle owners can recognize about their timing belt’s condition. Bring your vehicle to our shop so we can have a look. Even though your timing belt replacement should not need replacing for around 60,000 miles, waiting too long can be disastrous.

  1. Trouble Accelerating: As you rev up your engine and go higher in your RPMs, you might notice more performance problems. If the timing belt is loose or losing it’s grip, the problem will get worse as you accelerate.
  2. Manufacturer’s Recommendations: The information found inside your owner’s manual offers the best advice for timing belt replacement. After about 60,000 miles some makes will recommend replacing the timing belt, and others will vary.
  3. Problems Starting the Engine: When timing belts become misaligned, they will compromise the performance of a number of other engine components. This can be noticed by a disruption to your vehicle’s engine start up. Individual components must always be in sync and aligned for an effective ignition system.
  4. Exhaust & Emission Problems: Often, the result of a timing belt issue is excessive smoke from the exhaust. Anytime the engine is forced to work too hard, it will create smoke. A timing belt replacement can save your engine’s life and prevent total engine breakdown.
  5. An Ounce of Prevention > A Pound of Cure: This is where knowing 26th Street Auto Center’s expert technicians comes in handy. After careful inspection, we make sure you avoid costly repairs. Your vehicle’s engine needs proper service attention. There’s no warning sign like the specialized attention of our experts.