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When was the last time you thought about or had your car's timing belt inspected? If you are like most drivers, the timing belt is not one of the first components that you think about when bringing your car in for routine maintenance or service, but it is a vital component to your vehicle. Your engine's timing belt connects the crankshaft and camshafts and ensures precise and efficient operation of your engine. If your engine's timing belt were to break or skip due to stretching or wear, severe internal engine damage and costly engine repairs would result. Have your timing belt inspected during your regularly scheduled maintenance services or have it replaced by the auto service specialists at 26th Street Auto Center. Our service center in Los Angeles, CA serves drivers from Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and beyond.

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When you schedule your auto service or visit our service center for any type of maintenance or repairs, ask our service advisors to have your car's timing belt inspected for wear. Our certified technicians have experience replacing timing belts on every domestic, Asian and European make and model of car, SUV and pickup truck, so if significant wear is apparent, then timing belt replacement may be in order. We have the expertise, tools, and equipment to accurately time your vehicle's engine for smooth operation and to prevent possible stalling from improper timing. No matter if your car, SUV or pickup features a rubber timing belt or a metal timing chain, our service team is equipped to replace it for you.

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If you are unaware of your timing belt's condition or if you do not know when it was last inspected or replaced, our technicians can inspect it before replacement. During your timing belt replacement, if there are other problems noted like a water pump leak, the timing belt tensioner is worn out, or a crankshaft oil seal is leaking, our expert technicians will identify the problem and our service advisors will discuss the issue with you.

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