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When you are feeling the heat and you need car AC repair near Santa Monica, CA, turn to the AC repair professionals at 26th Street Auto Center. Certified technicians perform every auto AC repair service here at our service center to ensure top-quality results. Enjoy the refreshing cool air of a properly operating air-conditioning system in your car around Los Angeles and SoCal by visiting 26th Street Auto Center!

About Our Enhanced AC Repair Process

If you are experiencing an A/C system that no longer blows cold air, then it is time for an inspection and repair of your car's air conditioning system. Over time, your vehicle's A/C system's fittings can loosen, and the hoses, seals, and O-rings can wear out, causing leaks in the system and decreasing the A/C unit's effectiveness. With a thorough AC inspection, our team of service technicians can determine what aspect of your vehicle's AC system needs attention. First, we will visually inspect all components of your car's air conditioning system, and perform a performance and leak test to detect any leaks. If your car has no leaks but needs an AC recharge, our service team will flush the A/C system of all old Freon, or refrigerant, then recharge it with new Freon. We also offer AC retrofit services that update an older car's R-12 system to the modern R-134a Freon. Whether your vehicle's AC unit needs a recharge or repair, our auto service staff is ready for the task!

Schedule Car AC Repair In Los Angeles

Remember, if you drive a domestic, foreign or European make of car, SUV or truck near Pacific Palisades, CA, take your car to the 26th Street Auto Center service center for any AC repair or recharge needed. Our auto service specialists will ensure that your car's air conditioning system keeps you cool no matter how hot it gets in the Los Angeles area, so visit us today! You can schedule your auto service at our Los Angeles, CA service center online now.

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