Learn About Engine Ticking Noises & How To Stop Them

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If your new or pre-owned vehicle has started to make engine ticking noises, fear not, 26th Street Auto Center in Los Angeles, California is here to assist! Our staff not only offers car maintenance tips for summer but vehicle diagnostics that include Lexus repair needs, Dodge work, Audi help and even tire failure, so don't hesitate to drop by with your engine ticking concerns and feel free to treat your ride to another service while you're here! Our technicians will complete all work according to the specifications provided by your car's manufacturer, ensuring it not only stays up to factory standards but protected by its warranty. Don't deal with constant engine ticking noises, reach out to our professional auto service center that serves nearby Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Brentwood, CA today.

Why Is My Engine Making Ticking Noises?

Engine ticking noises are fairly common and can be caused by a variety of possibilities, including:

  • Low oil pressure or a low oil level
  • A worn engine
  • Worn spark plugs
  • A leak in your car's exhaust system
  • Front engine accessories
  • Loose auto parts
  • Issues with the engine's cylinders

Drivers can troubleshoot this issue themselves if they'd like to, by doing things like visual inspections and checking their car's oil level. If that doesn't do the trick, we invite you to visit our service center near Brentwood, CA! Our professionals will run some tests to get to the root of the ticking noise. We're able to complete maintenance services on a wide range of auto brands, so get in touch with us no matter the type of vehicle you own or lease. Drivers can use our website to streamline their auto process by booking an appointment and can even check out current service specials.

Your time is important to us; therefore, we'll work efficiently to ensure your car maintenance needs are handled in a timely manner. We'll present our findings to you, discuss a service estimate and only complete the work that you have approved. 26th Street Auto Center in Los Angeles, CA is proud to be your local vehicle service center, so whether you need help with a ticking engine, are looking for car battery services or are interested in professional Los Angeles AC repair work, our dedicated team is standing by, ready to assist.

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