Why Choose 26th Street Auto In Los Angeles, CA

26th Street Auto Center is proud to offer its customers OE (Original Equipment) components or the highest quality aftermarket auto parts from superior suppliers. We use parts supplied directly from the most respected Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) facilities in the automotive industry. The parts sourced from the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) ensures precise fit and quality required for your vehicle, whether it's European, Japanese, Domestic or Korean. See us for all of your oil change, suspension, and timing belt needs near Pacific Palisades. To keep your vehicle looking in showroom condition, ask about our auto buffing service and headlight restoration options.

Competitive pricing is one of the most misunderstood elements of our business. You must ask yourself what are you really looking for. A cheap repair that most likely will be using inexpensive unreliable parts installed by technicians with minimal training that could leave you on the side of the road in the middle of the night. The other extreme is a dealer experience where you rarely ever see the technician working on your car. A technician who is likely incentivized by his pay structure to find the easy jobs that pay the most and ignore the harder jobs that take more time. Making matters worse, the service advisor is also incentivized to make a specific sales number every month or year. Where not every dealer may operate this way, a majority of them do. Enlist a service team you can trust for your brake and battery services.

We pay differently at our shop where every job gets the same priority keeping your vehicles longevity and safety in mind at all times. The technician that works on your vehicle will be completely accessible to you, and most likely you will speak to them directly during or after the repair process. Our technicians and service advisers are paid hourly or salary and are only incentivized when they have created the best customer experience possible resulting in a customer review.


Luxury Auto Repair and Foreign Car Service Near Santa Monica, CA

Our technicians have high-end diagnostic tools and the best resources available to an independent auto service center in the world. We definitely will not be the cheapest or the most expensive, but we feel we are the best value for your dollar keeping you and your family's safety and vehicle investment in mind during the entire process. We believe trust is built and we do everything in our power to create the best foundation for that trust every step of the way. Our goal is to give our clients the best vehicle diagnostic, maintenance/service or repair at the highest possible value while using superior quality parts, extensively trained technicians, highest quality diagnostic tools and resources offered. If you need A/C Repair, auto mechanical services, or check engine light services, make your appointment today.

Certified Service From 26th Street Auto Center


Book an oil change at our Brentwood service center to keep your vehicle's engine lubricated. An engine can seize if oil changes are not performed. Get an oil change in Los Angeles, CA.

Contact our tire center for new tires car in Los Angeles, California. We carry tires from top brands. Our certified automotive technicians will mount, balance, and rotate your tires. We'll also check your tires for proper pressure.

For professional brake services, come to 26th Street Auto Center. If you need the brakes checked on your car, we will inspect your brakes for wear and damage, then replace any components that are unsafe.

For a quick battery diagnostic in Los Angeles, CA, come to our auto service center. Our certified automotive technicians will inspect for battery acid spills, signs of wear, and corrosion on the posts.

For headlight restoration and scratch buffing services, our mobile detailing unit can come to your home or office. With you busy schedule, it can be difficult to find a time to wash your car. Now, we can come to you. Book your mobile car wash near Brentwood with our team today.


Our Auto Center Service Technicians receive training every quarter. We offer our team advanced and specific model line training in Auto Repair and Diagnostics of modern European, Domestic and Japanese Vehicles. Our ongoing training includes many courses that were previously only available to dealer service technicians.

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