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Trusted BG Partner | 26th Street Auto Center

Treat Your Vehicle To Maintenance Of The Highest Quality

Our auto service center in Los Angeles, California near Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades is eager to address your automotive concerns, and with help from the BG products we carry and the services we offer, we can treat your high-end vehicle to the quality care that it deserves. The BG company is an aftermarket supplier that works with our factory trained professionals so that we can stock a number products that help protect and extend the lifespan of your new or pre-owned vehicle. Contact our boutique auto center for personalized attention today and be sure to ask our staff about how you can benefit from the BG products and services we offer!

Gasoline Fuel System Cleaning Options

With help from the BG fuel system cleaners and conditions our auto center near Brentwood and Pacific Palisades, CA carries, we're able to combat accumulation of deposits on your ride's fuel system so that you can avoid rough idling, misfiring and poor gas mileage. With help from our experienced professionals and our BG products, we can restore your fuel economy to what it once was while working to reduce damaging exhaust emissions. If you're interested in this service, be sure to ask our 26th Street Auto Service team about the BG 44K® Fuel System Cleaner that we carry! This product:

  • Increases power output by focusing on deposits in intake manifolds, ports, valves and combustion chambers
  • Works to restore fuel efficiency
  • Reduces your vehicle's exhaust emissions

If our team finds your vehicle is suffering from hard carbon deposits, we encourage you to learn more about the BG Fuel Injection System Cleanerthat:

  • Creates a smooth idle
  • Boosts performance levels
  • Lower harmful environmental emissions

Should your ride be suffering from a build-up of deposits in the air throttle body, our team can use the BG Air Intake System Cleaner to combat the problem! Helping to:

  • Improve idling
  • Aid performance
  • Return airflow to normal levels

Your vehicle is able to get back to its fuel-efficient state with ease. Contact our service center to learn more!

Professional Oil Services

Don't simply have your car's oil changed, treat it quality motor oil that will not only extend the lifespan of your engine but work to maintain its high-performance levels, visit our service center in Los Angeles, CA today! Our staff will use BG products to remove deposits from valves and to clean the micro passageways that are essential to your car's performance. Our services help you save money over time as well, as our BG products offer a longer oil change interval. Don't hesitate to use our website to schedule an oil service now!

Addressing Your Braking Concerns

Due to the corrosion of brake parts over time, vehicles have a gradual loss of brake function, but with help from 26th Street Auto Service, you can brake with confidence! Make your way over from Pacific Palisades, CA with your Land Rover for the assistance that you and your luxury ride deserve. We'll tailor our services to the braking needs of your SUV and can not only help prevent corrosion in the master cylinder but can remove air from the brake lines and help promote a smooth stop. Increase your on-road safety by getting in touch with our team for a brake service today!

Climate Control Services

If you've noticed a musty or unpleasant odor coming from your vehicle's air conditioning, head to our service center near Santa Monica, CA today! We'll inspect your climate control system for wear and tear, checking to ensure there are no leaks present. Our climate control services result in quieter compressor operation, enhanced air quality and extends the life of the compressor. Take advantage of our quality services to keep your European vehicle performing at an optimum level, get in touch with us to review a maintenance plan today!

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