Overheating ENGINE Repair In Santa Monica, CA

If the engine in your car or truck is overheating and needs cooling system service, visit 26th Street Auto Center for auto engine repair. Our auto repair facility near Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and Brentwood carries the tools and equipment required to service the entire cooling system in your vehicle. Our team specializes in radiator repair and can rebuild, plug, or replace the radiator and cooling system components under the hood of your luxury sedan. Many of our skilled auto mechanics hold ASE certifications, so regardless of if you drive a new Mercedes-Benz or used Dodge truck, schedule your radiator repair at our Los Angeles auto repair center. If your car or truck is experiencing any of the following, the cooling system, water pump, thermostat, or air conditioning system likely need maintenance:

  • Steam in the engine compartment
  • Overheating
  • Temperature gauge in the red
  • Running hot
  • Radiator coolant leaks beneath your car
  • Split, degraded or cracked hoses

Many factors can cause an engine to overheat. From a defective thermostat to a leaking hose to a blown fuse for the fan. If your vehicle is due for a summer car check-up or air conditioning repair near Los Angeles, come to our auto repair center in West Los Angeles. We can diagnose the heater core, hoses, transmission cooler, water pump, and radiator in your vehicle's cooling system and determine why your engine is overheating.

The friendly mechanics at 26th Street Auto Center are trained to tackle your next radiator repair near Brentwood. Visit our radiator repair center to avoid any further damage to your vehicle's cooling system and support components. We employ a team of qualified technicians who have the training and experience needed to resolve any engine overheating your car is experiencing. Visit us in West Los Angeles, CA, if your car or truck is overheating.

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