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Monthly Archives: August 2020

How Often Do I Need to Service My Car's A/C?

How Often Do I Need to Service My Car's A/C?

Let’s face it, during the summer months, we all think of our cars as our cool comfort or refuge amidst a hot humid day. You want to reach your car as quickly as possible and bask in the relief it provides. However, in some cases, when you turn your A/C on, warm air comes out, or there’s a musty smell coming out of the vents. In these types of situations, it’s best to seek the help of a licensed auto repair shop to provide you with a car A/C service to prevent any major issues in the long run. It’s best to have regular maintenance or checkup so that you can count on your A/C system whenever you are on the road. Most car owners have visual hints that indicate the need for a repair but in some cases, only an expert car mechanic and state-of-the-art tools can detect a hidden problem with your air conditioning. If you wish to avoid inconveniences and costly car A/C repair bills, you should visit your local auto repair center for a car A/C service at least once a ye ... read more

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