Monthly Archives: January 2020

The Importance of Your Vehicle's Spark Plugs

Spark plugs - you've probably heard about them but aren't entirely sure of their importance or how to best maintain them. Spark plugs have a really important job when it comes to getting your car to run. The spark plugs deliver the spark needed to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the engine. Without the spark, your car may not run and if it does, the performance will be poor and so will the emissions.  A telling sign of bad spark plugs is a engine that cranks but won't start. If the engine runs and misfires, this can indicate at least one of the spark plugs is bad. Since the spark plugs are considered an electronic component of your vehicle and do a lot of work when it comes to starting the engine, they will wear down over a certain mileage.  So, how often do the spark plugs need to be replaced? The best resource is to check your specific vehicle's manufacturer recommendations. The typically interval is anywhere between 30,000 and 45,000 miles. If its bee ... read more

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