Battery Maintenance Tips for the Summer

Most of us relish the summertime. Whether it is a cross-country road trip or a beach vacation, we have plans that we've been looking forward to for months! Unfortunately, your car batteries might not share the same feelings. The endless summer heat can quickly take a toll on your battery and thus spoil all the fun. With more care and maintenance, your car battery will be healthy and fit to go every time you turn on the ignition.

Here are some excellent maintenance tips to help your car battery withstand the hot summer temperatures:

1. Clean Your Battery Terminals

Over time, dirt and corrosion may accumulate around your car battery terminals, dramatically reducing its performance. Corrosion is a poor heat conductor, meaning that it will prevent a free flow of current. In severe circumstances, it can stop your battery altogether. Dirt, on the other hand, will quickly drain your battery current even quicker. Luckily, a quick visit to our shop will get this problem fixed and get you back on the road right away.

At 26th Street Auto Center, our professional team is trained and has all the necessary tools needed to clean battery terminals. Additionally, we can apply an anti-corrosion spray and terminal protectors to protect your battery from incidents in the future.

2. Trickle Charge Your Battery

Trickle charging is one of the most remarkable ways to ensure that your battery has enough charge to last you throughout the summer. This method comes in handy when your vehicle is not in much use during the summer season and has to sit idle for long periods. A trickle charger can prevent the battery from draining and drying out when not in use.

3. Go On Longer Drives

After starting your car, your alternator needs some time to charge the battery completely. If you only drive short distances, meaning you will repeatedly be turning your engine on and off, you are not giving your battery enough time to recharge.

4. Talk to Experts

Your battery can die at the most inconvenient times, but we've mentioned there are numerous ways to prevent it from happening. If you require car battery service and repair, let our professional technicians run tests, diagnoses, and service it for you. With years of experience, we can offer you dependable advice. Give us a call or visit our shop in Los Angeles, CA, today.

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