Is It Safe to Drive With Check Engine Light On?

Your car's engine is likened to the heart of your vehicle, and it's one of its most significant parts. The check engine light is connected to your car's onboard diagnostic system alerting you of any problems, and it's usually yellow or red depending on your vehicle. It's always dreadful for many drivers when the engine light turns on, but you shouldn't panic. However, with your check engine light on, it's vital to try and avoid driving.

The check engine light and other warning signals indicate an underlying problem in your vehicle that you shouldn't ignore. When the check engine light turns on, remain calm and make a quick assessment of the situation to determine your next move.

Why You Shouldn't Drive with the Check Engine Light On

The check engine light could be pointing to a small or a big issue in your car. If the light turns on and keeps flashing, it signals a severe problem. You should stop your vehicle immediately, evaluate the situation, and bring it to our shop for a computer diagnosis and inspection. Driving with a flashing engine light can cause irreversible damage and endanger your well-being and other road users. Also, if it begins to overheat, it can escalate to a more hazardous situation. On the other hand, if the light is not flashing, determine if it's safe to drive but only to a service station for help.

It's essential to understand that it's not safe to drive with the check engine light on in case of a bigger problem. Pull over to a safe place, make an analysis, or call for help immediately.

What the Check Engine Light Means

The unsafest thing to do with a check engine light on is to keep driving or panic. Avoid driving as much as possible. But to understand better, the light could be an indication of:

  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Damaged catalytic converter
  • A faulty gas cap
  • Faulty mass airflow sensor
  • Damaged spark plug and others

With these outlined problems, assess the situation when your check engine light turns on, and if you need a check engine light test, our experts are waiting for you at 26th Street Auto Center today!

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