Ceramic Coating for Tesla Vehicles

Tesla vehicles have become one of the most popular cars in the last decade and for a good reason. While they are famous for their unique, modern design, Tesla paint is not the best on the market. It is not inferior. If you want to keep your Tesla looking like new throughout the years, ceramic coating is a great, long-term solution. 

As mentioned in his last blog, ceramic coatings are a popular service, especially for Tesla vehicles. Even with a new Tesla, all cars depreciate with time. To keep your Tesla’s value, you can prevent chips, scratches, and other aesthetic imperfections with ceramic coating application. 

Ceramic coating is a much more effective solution compared to a wash and wax. It works by covering the paint with a permanent chemical bond. Whereas, waxing requires frequent upkeep because it lasts only for a couple of weeks. Furthermore, wax is limited in terms of the level of protection.

The ceramic coating protects you from all types of elements, including road salt, harsh chemicals, UV rays, watermarks, and so much more. It may be more expensive to get ceramic coating applied up-front. However, it is more cost-effective than wax and other similar solutions. 

Last but not least, Tesla vehicles have a reputation for not being automatic car wash-friendly. In other words, Tesla owners are already limited in methods of cleaning. Furthermore, the vehicle has been reported by many of its owners to have flakes, chips, and scratches over time. Given this information, it is wise for both new and old Tesla drivers to consider getting ceramic coating. 

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