Giving a Car as a Graduation Present? Here Are Some Items That Every New Car Owner Should Have

So you have a graduate in your life who has done well and made you proud. Well, with outstanding achievements comes great reward. So whether you are gifting your child or a younger sibling, a new set of wheels is a fantastic way of introducing them into the world with extra support and enthusiasm. All the same, having these overly essential accessories will help upgrade the vehicle offering them an incredible experience.

Must-Have Accessories for A New Car

Jump Starter

Your car will most likely fail you at the most inconveniencing hours, and let's face this can get quite frustrating and annoying. His is especially common during those freezing winter mornings when your car engine freezes up or the battery dies. At that moment, having a jumpstart to help you start and get your car moving becomes a matter of urgency. When purchasing a jump starter, go for the latest versions, as they come with extra features that will definitely save you time and money.

Phone Mount

A phone mount makes it easy for the driver to view all types of maps without stopping the car. They are easy to install and can accommodate just about all kinds of phones, and easily swivels in any direction.


Better safe than sorry. A stinger keeps the driver prepared in case of any danger. Take, for instance, when car windows and doors jam, especially during a road accident. With stinger, they can easily smash the window open while the slim blade positioned at its back will free them up from a stuck safety belt.

Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank comes in handy, especially in emergency cases. The driver can use it to charge phones or even to jumpstart your vehicle and other tools. Most of them are rechargeable and come with an LED flashlight making these power banks essential items to have in a car trunk.

Hydraulic Jack

They come in handy when car tires go flat and need to be changed. Today's hydraulic jacks are compact, lightweight, and easily fit at the back of your car.

From a Bluetooth transmitter to blind spot mirrors, these car accessories can save a driver lots of time, money, and frustrations. All the same, nothing beats regular car maintenance and timely repair when it comes to enhancing car performance and longevity. So if you need quality vehicle repair service, contact us or drop into our auto repair shop today.

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