How Do I Know When I Need A New Car Battery?

The battery is an integral part of your vehicle. It is part of the engine's starting system and powers all the electrical systems in your car. Therefore, without a battery that functions well, you will have problems enjoying nearly all your vehicle's features. A battery can last for up to six years if operating in the ideal conditions (not in extreme temperatures and lots of moisture). Unfortunately, the conditions are never this perfect, and most car owners need to change batteries every three to five years.

Signs that You Need to Change the Battery

Here are a few indicators that your battery is dying.

The Engine Starts Slowly

Over time, the battery's internal components become less effective, causing the battery to take longer to create enough charge to start the engine. Your car may take a few seconds to a minute to start or require several keystrokes.

Check Engine Light Comes On

The check engine light may be triggered by several factors, among which is the battery. It is good to start by checking the battery's health before exploring other issues that might turn the light on.

A Musty Smell

If there is a short circuit in the battery, it is likely to leak gas. This gas smells like rotten eggs. You may smell it when you open your car's hood. Consider replacing the battery as soon as possible in such a case.

Corroded Connectors

Corrosion causes a white, ashy substance to cover the metallic terminals of the battery. It may cause issues when starting the engine or powering the dashboard. Have the battery checked as soon as you notice the corroded terminals.

Swelling and Broken Batteries

If the battery looks swollen or cracked, it is already damaged and does not work well. Such a battery requires replacement.

Electrical Issues and Dimmed Lights

A battery that is losing power may not power all the electrical components of the vehicle to its full functionality. You may notice dimmed lights and the inability to run the radio and AC. Besides, the battery may die when you start several electrical components at the same time.

If you need car battery replacement, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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