How Often Should Your Vehicle Be Inspected?

It is so important to keep your car maintained well and working properly. This will help it stay in good working order for longer, saving you money and preventing any major accidents while you are on the road. Getting your vehicle inspected often is one of the best ways to catch problems early on. Some common components of your vehicle that you should inspect include:

The Radiator

It is a good idea to replace the radiator twice a year. Do an extra inspection if you notice there is a big problem with it. Check the hoses and caps for any erosion. When the car is parked, check for any radiator fluid that leaks out.

The Rotors and Brakes

Brakes are something that you should check out every 10,000 miles, every three months, or if you feel like something is wrong with them. You want the rotors to be smooth without any deep grooves. If you need the brakes changed out, visit a repair shop to get it handled.

The Cooling and Heating Unit

These should be checked with the changing seasons. This means you should get the heating unit inspected during the fall and the cooling unit inspected in the spring. This helps you get each one replaced before you need them each year.


It is recommended that you check and change the oil every 3,000 miles unless it says differently in your manual. At the very least, get it checked before you go on a long trip. You can pull out the dipstick near the engine to check if the oil is going low or not and add a little bit when necessary. If you notice the oil is thick or thin, it is time to replace it.

The Air Filter

It is a good idea to check the air filters every six months. If they get really dirty, consider changing them more often. Depending on the type of air filter, you may be able to just rinse and reuse them, though you will often need to replace them.

It is so important to keep your vehicle up to date with good inspections. Contact our auto repair shop today to get your appointment today!

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