Maintenance Tips for The Fall

Tips for The Fall

Fall is officially here, and the winter is fast approaching. There’s still enough time to get in some fall vehicle maintenance before the weather gets cold. The Fall is the perfect opportunity to give your vehicle a little facelift to keep it running strong throughout the next year. A little TLC can make a huge difference in vehicle performance and gas mileage. Below are five tips to help protect your investment. 

Check the Brakes and Tires
The brakes and tires are two of your vehicle’s most important safety aspects, and sometimes as drivers, we can be guilty of neglecting them. Have your tire tread checked to ensure that they are wearing evenly. This ensures there isn’t an alignment or balance problem. An inspection is also an excellent opportunity to have them inflated to the correct tire pressure. 

Check the Engine Filter
A dirty air filter can drastically decrease vehicle performance. Have your trusted mechanic replace it with a clean filter to keep the air in the engine and car cabin pollutant free.

Check the Battery
Summary heat can destroy batteries. It’s best to check the battery’s life coming into Fall to avoid a dead or stalled car in the winter. It’s time to replace the battery, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to the shop. Also, make sure you have jumper cables in your car’s emergency kit in the unlikely event that the battery dies. 

Check the Fluids
Your vehicle needs a variety of fluids to move. As you drive, these fluids may get low and need to be topped off. In severe cases, the fluids may need to be replaced altogether. Maintenance service is a perfect time to ensure your coolant, brake fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, etc. are all topped off. 

Replace the Wiper Blades
The fall and winter months may bring cold, rainy weather. Make sure you replace the wiper blade beforehand to ensure your windshield can be adequately cleaned.

Fall vehicle maintenance service in Los Angeles, CA.

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