What Are the Signs of a Failing Power Steering Pump?

Your vehicle’s steering system plays an integral role in ensuring that you have smooth and seamless control of your movement and direction. The power steering pump is one of the many complex components in hydraulic steering systems, and it is responsible for applying the right amount of pressure to your wheels so that you can achieve turns. As a responsible car owner, you need to know the symptoms of having a bad power steering pump.

Sign #1: Whining

Whenever you turn left or right or steer to change lanes, you shouldn’t hear anything from your car. If you catch a whining noise while doing those actions, it is clear that you have a power steering problem. You may have a leak in the power steering pump or elsewhere in the system. 

Sign #2: Hard-to-turn Steering Wheel

If your steering wheel feels extra stiff to move, your power steering pump could be the culprit. It means there isn’t sufficient lubrication going on with the steering wheel.

Sign #3: Noisy During Start-Up

When you have an impaired power steering pump, it can emit a loud, squealing sound when you start your engine. The noise might go away after a minute or two, but you should not ignore it.

Sign #4: Leaking Fluid Puddle

If your power steering pump is leaky, you might catch a puddle of power steering fluid under your parked car.  However, we recommend letting a professional diagnose this.


If you are experiencing difficulty steering, it is best to bring your car to the experts at 26th Street Auto Center for a vehicle inspection. Our friendly staff is glad to assist you with all your power steering needs. If you require a power steering pump repair, please give our team a call or schedule your appointment online today.

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