What Are The Symptoms Of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

A bad fuel injector can lead to decreased gas mileage and occasional idling, leading to poor engine performance. That said, fuel injectors play an essential role in delivering engine fuel to guarantee optimum combustion. Obtaining efficient function may become a challenge with a faulty or clogged fuel injector. And so, regular maintenance and the knowledge to spot signs of a defective fuel injector will come in handy for most car owners.

How to Detect a Dirty Fuel Injector

It would help if you strived to detect a bad fuel injector to invest in prompt cleaning for a smooth and carefree car. Always remember that if one of your injectors malfunctions, then your car would not perform optimally. Therefore, if you experience the following, it is time to visit your mechanic to clean your injectors.

1. Engine Stalls or Rough Idle

If the vehicle often sputters and shakes when you are idling at the stop sign or in traffic, this is one sign that the fuel injector is malfunctioning. The engine stalls because it is not getting a consistent supply or enough fuel, and you may have to restart.

2. The Engine Misfires

The engine may misfire due to dirty fuel. When this happens, your vehicle may struggle to accelerate whenever you step on the gas peddle because the injectors are dirty.

3. Bad Fuel Economy

When your gas Mileage becomes abnormal, perhaps it is time to have your injectors checked. Clean fuel injectors should perform with the Mileage promoted by manufacturers.

4. Engine Surge or Dancing RPM Needle

You do not expect your car to accelerate slower than anticipated. Unfortunately, this is possible when the injectors spray uneven fuel because of dirt. Your engine RPM may keep changing instead of remaining at a constant RPM whenever the fuel injector is dirty.

5. Check Engine Light

Whenever the fuel injector is malfunctioning due to dirt, the check engine warning light should alert you to visit your mechanic.

Get Fuel Injector Cleaning And Services

With this information, you will notice that your fuel injector requires professional attention. Therefore, if you need fuel injection system cleaning, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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