Which Is Better: Automatic Or Manual Transmission?

One of the most frequently asked vehicle-related questions is whether an automatic or manual transmission is preferable. But nowadays, the question has almost disappeared because of the large number of automatic vehicles being produced. Strangely enough, some people still choose a manual, but why is the real question? Below, you will find a simple answer to this question, as well as the key differences between the two types of transmission. 

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission has a clear advantage in comparison with the manual alternative. The gear shifting is automatic, as the name implies, and is controlled by a complex system that changes the gears. There are also automatic transmissions with paddle shifters (flaps located behind the wheel), which can be controlled by the driver in order to change gears. One of the drawbacks is the mechanism, which is extremely complex and requires a lot of maintenance and care to function properly.  

Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions are completely operated by the driver. All of the necessary gear shifts are done using a clutch pedal and gear stick. Manual cars have either five or six gears from which to choose, depending on the speed and load the engine is under. The distinctive factor manual transmissions have is that the driver feels more connected with the car. An added bonus is that they are usually less expensive to maintain and repair. 

Which Is Better And Why?

Both types of transmissions have their pros and cons. The manual gives a more immersive experience, and the automatic is a lot easier to drive. They completely differ from each other, and that's why we can't give an exact answer to this question. It all depends on the driver's preferences. And sadly, with new models coming out every year, the manual transmission is almost nowhere to be found, but a lot of people still prefer it.

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