Why Is My Car Taking Longer to Start?

Is your car engine cranking over and over again without a successful start? By the time the car actually starts (if you’re lucky), you’re probably already late for work or school. Many drivers experience this problem at least once in their lives, but what could it be? Most issues relating to slow car starts are related to the starting system. Read on to learn more about the starter and the list of reasons behind your slow engine starts. 

How the Starting System and Ignition System Works

When you turn your car key in the ignition or press the push-to-start button, you trigger a battery-powered electric motor. The motor starts the engine’s rotation, which combines and retrieves a balanced mix of air and fuel. Once that reaches the engine, the ignition system provides a spark provided by spark plugs (of course). Once the fuel and air are ignited, the process is started.

All in all, the starter system comprises many parts that need to work for the entire process to work from start to finish. If your car is slow to start, we invite you to come by 26th Street Auto Center. Our techs will evaluate each and every individual component involved to pinpoint the problem accurately.

Common Explanations for Slow Car Starts

  • Inadequate Amounts of Fuel
  • Fuel Pressure
  • Dead or Dying Battery
  • Charging Problems/Bad Alternator
  • Broken Sensors
  • Worn Spark Plugs
  • Faulty Starter
  • General Weakness from Cold Weather

If it is taking longer than normal to have your engine up and running, we welcome you to our auto repair shop for a proper diagnosis. As you can see from the list above, it can be tricky to locate the exact cause without the proper skills and knowledge. We understand how much of a nuisance this problem can be which is why we are always here to help you out! Feel free to call or visit our shop today.

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